Ten Friends-to-Lovers Rockstar Romance Novels That’ll Make You Swoon!

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OMG, what’s not to love about friends-to-lovers romances? Two best friends who already adore each other, love spending time together, maybe all the while harboring a secret crush. Then, when it happens, the awkwardness of it all that threatens to destroy any semblance of a relationship. The two of them figuring out how to make things work.

Or not!

Sometimes, these amazing authors find a way to tell a story that keeps us on our toes. Either way, if done right, they’ll leave us swooning, wanting more.

And then you throw a rockstar in the mix? SOLD!

Here are ten friends-to-lovers rock star romance stories that you’ll love. I’ve linked here to Amazon, but you might find some of these ebooks available at other online retailers. Enjoy!

  1. Dirty Like Seth (Dirty #3), Jaine Diamond
  2. Beneath the Stars (Falling Stars), A.L. Jackson
  3. Tangled Web (Tangled Web #1), Jade C. Jamison
  4. Secret Smiles (Love in Sienna #1), Laura John
  5. Suddenly Together (Dirty Texas #2), J A Low
  6. The Unexpected Duet (Amaryllis Romance #3), Mandy Melanson
  7. Freefall (The Wind & the Roar Trilogy #1), Cat Porter
  8. Ravage (Civil Corruption #4), Jessica Prince
  9. Trust (Full Moon #1), Stacy Stone
  10. Limitless (Less Than Zero #2), Kaylene Winter

Are there any of your favorite friends-to-lovers rocker romances I’ve left off this list? Which one of these have you already read? Please comment and let me know!

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