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A couple of weeks ago, I asked readers to let me know what they thought I should write next.  I’ve been quite busy with different projects but knew I would be free and wanted to know what you, my readers, wanted next.  I have several series that aren’t finished but I also have a lot of standalones (or possibly new series) that I want to write–more than thirty projects on my plate–so why not write what you want?  Here were the possibilities I gave readers who took the survey (there are more projects but these are the ones either calling my name at the moment or ones I think are long overdue):

NICKI #12 – This will be the second-to-last Nicki book.  Something HUGE will be happening in this book as it races closer to the conclusion.  Danger, suspense, intrigue–everything you love about Nicki X 10!!!

FEVERISH #2 – This is going to be Sam’s story.  You might not think he HAS a story, considering he has a psycho girlfriend…but, yeah, he does.  🙂

TANGLED WEB #4 – I haven’t decided whose story I’m going to write first–Mickey or Sage’s–but it’ll be good.  Promise!  🙂

WISHES #2 – If you read Be Careful What You Wish For, this will be the second book in the series.  I’m thinking book two will be Diesel’s story.

CODIE SNOW #2 – The first book ended on a bit of a cliffy, so some of you might be dying to know what comes next.  No worries–whether I write it next week or in a few months, I know where the story’s going.  But if you just can’t stand the wait, you can let me know.

SAVAGE sequel – This has never been a “for sure” thing, but lots of readers have told me they didn’t like the uneasiness of the end of the first book.  Yeah, sure, the couple got together but, but, but… I do have a story brewing if you want me to write it!


MC (the Dalton Demons/Devils) – No title for the book yet, but I’ve actually already written the first chapter.  This one is going to be steamy but also dangerous and mysterious.

Dystopian Sci-fi – This is one I’ve had rolling around in my head for a few years.  Think George Orwell meets Nicki Sosebee.  Well, okay, maybe not Nicki.  Maybe Valerie Quinn.

K+K – This is the title in my head, and it’s not even a fully developed story yet but enough that I know kind of where it’s going.  Indie rock star boy meets indie rock star girl…and sex.  And drugs.  And rock and roll…

Jade, would you tell us already what the results are???

Yeah, okay, so almost 50% of the votes went to Feverish #2.  So I let my subconscious take over and then spent the next two days writing a synopsis.  And now I’m excited to get started.  I just need to get Nicki #11 ready to publish and then I’ll start writing the next Feverish novel.  I don’t want to say too much because, even though the story’s ready to write, there are some secret-y things in there that I don’t know how much I’ll be revealing until I figure out how I’ll write the blurb.  But if you’re a Feverish fan, I know you’re going to love it!

If you wanted to see the results, here’s a quick graph (thanks to Google forms):
survey resultsFeverish #2 – 43.8%
Nicki #12 – 20.8%
Tangled Web #4 – 10.4%
MC romance – 8.3%
Savage sequel – 8.3%
The rest of the books received about 2% of the votes each


I made the survey a little confusing, though, because I then asked what readers thought I should write second.  Looking at this graph, I would think that readers want Nicki #12 after Feverish #2, but these are the results from the question, “What book would you like me to write second?”

survey results-q2MC Romance – 18.8%
Tangled Web #4 – 18.7%
K+K rock romance – 14.6%
Feverish #2 – 12.5%
Savage sequel – 10.4%
Nicki #12 – 10.4%
Wishes #2 – 6.3%
The remainder of the books received 4% of the votes or less apiece

So probably what I’ll do is send out another survey with just the first question when I’m getting ready to write the next book!

In the survey, I also had some freeform text areas where readers could say more.  These responses were anonymous unless the reader wanted me to send an email as to the results–and I wanted it to be anonymous–so I don’t know who asked these questions–but I hope they see the answers here! 🙂  There were two things in particular I wanted to address:

“I would like to read a good interracial story. Black Woman/White man. The ones I have read are more like a short story and it felt like the author didn’t put any effort into it at all.”

My brain’s churning on this one.  I’ve actually wanted to write an interracial romance for a while but have been so afraid of not doing it justice.  Now, though, I’ve been challenged, so let my subconscious work on that…

“Still think CJ’s band needs a spin off; ugh Rockstars on the brain so I can’t help it.”

I will never say never…any character in a rock band romance is fair game for a story–as you well know from reading my fiction!

If I could write faster, this wouldn’t be a problem.  And trust me–I’ve tried different ways of getting a story down.  I thought maybe voice technology would help, but I found it frustrating.  When I have to talk more slowly than I can type, we have a problem, and I’m not willing to invest in more expensive technology, only to find I don’t like it.  I’ve been writing this way for so long that I had a hard time saying the story.  My brain is trained to do it through my hands.  So I just have to keep plugging away this way!

What about you?  Did you vote?  Are you happy with the results?

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  1. sharynbellah

    Funny you should mention voice recognition software! Way back in the early 1990’s, my tech forward mate bought it, or into it, I might say. Part of the fun was reading a book into it and seeing what you got! Gibberish!! After he was gone, my daughter decided we needed Dragon software. “It’s used by blind people!” was her selling point. So, with her student discount, we bought it. Same deal. I guess if you work with it, sooner or later; it will recognize your voice enough to type it! LOL

    I have found your books very good. Better than some of those “New York Times Best Sellers”. Maybe you’re just not lunching with the right people?

    • Jade

      Ha! I’ve heard stories like that. I’m too impatient to keep trying. When I did my experiment last year, I tried three different programs (free trials so I wouldn’t be out any money–and I do realize you get what you pay for! LOL), and I wasn’t thrilled. I remember shouting firmly, as if the program was a naughty child, “Comma!” I’d finally use the keyboard to backspace and correct whatever it kept getting wrong. It didn’t take me long to decide it wasn’t worth what little is left of my sanity.

      And thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that. I think, in all seriousness, my problem is that I’m not good at marketing. I’m trying to get better now that I realize that’s my main issue. Lunching with the wrong people might be part of it, too, but at least I enjoy my dining partners. 🙂

  2. Kristy Brantley

    Please please write the next Nicki book!!! I have reread all the books last week and purchased the ones I didn’t have yet and I’m left on a cliffhanger!!!!! I’m bitting nails here!!!! Please write Nicki!!!!

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