Making News

Nicki Sosebee is getting closer to something. She just doesn’t know what.

Nicki’s sleepy hometown of Winchester, Colorado, is the kind of place that deals with two or three deaths a year, not two or three a month, but a serial killer is brutally murdering young adults in the most gruesome ways. Nicki and her friend, investigative blogger Janice Breaker, set out to solve the mystery, only to discover the corruption in their town reaches far and wide. When Nicki gets closer to discovering the answer to all the dead bodies in her beloved town, she meets an unexpected resistance from all corners, leaving her unsure how to proceed.

PLEASE NOTE: This book was previously published in 2017 as DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE.

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About the Book
Series: Nicki Sosebee, Book 11
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic suspense
Tags: bad boy, contemporary romance, romantic suspense
ISBN: 1545576173
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