Meet your new book boyfriend

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Are you sick of me saying this yet?!?!

No, not the thing about your new book boyfriend, but what I’m about to say. 🙂

If you’ve been following this website (or even peeking in on my social media), then you know I’ve been telling folks I have something special for my faithful readers in regards to the release of Scorched.  This second book in the Feverish series actually came out on Monday, September 25, but loyal readers who either spend a little time in my Facebook group Bullet Babes or who have subscribed to my VIP list newsletter know something cool is coming this next week.

Yes, it partly has to do with Sam, the frontman of heavy metal band Last Five Seconds, a book boyfriend I hope you fall deeply in love with.  It’s also a little bit because, unlike most of the books I write, this one is, at its core, a true love story.  And I’m wanting to give you a heavy case of the feels.  Here’s what my friend Angie J (TwinsieTalk Book Blog) said about the book:

Sam and Grace’s book is…gosh dare I say it…so sweet.  Yes, friends Jade wrote an angsty book and the love story between these characters is amazing. The love story is told so effortlessly.

(You can see the rest of her review here: #ReleaseDay #Review – Scorched)

So do you want to know the surprise I have for my special readers?  You can be one of my special readers too and find out by either joining my Facebook group Bullet Babes or subscribing to my VIP newsletter! But careful, because this surprise will be a distant memory one week from now.  🙂

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Either way, you win!

Huge thanks to those of you who already bought the book.  <3

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