Twenty Small Town Rockstar Romance Reads You’ll Love!

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If you haven’t read one before, you might think small town and rock star don’t go together, but I assure you they do–and they can go together quite well! There are hundreds of rockstar romance books out there that blend these subgenres/ tropes easily, but I just wanted to share a few.

If this subgenre is new to you, then I hope this list merely ignites your new obsession. If you’re already a fan of this little niche, then I hope I’ve listed a couple new ones for you to sink your teeth into. All links lead to Amazon (which means some of these are only available in Kindle Unlimited)–but if you read elsewhere, see if you can find a couple of these ebooks at your online bookseller of choice. Enjoy!

Love and Lies
  1. Branded by a Song (Anchor #5), LJ Evans
  2. Coming Alive (Welcome to Carson #1), Renee Harless
  3. Dad Bod Rockstar (Dad Bod Series – Men Built for Comfort), Melissa Schroeder
  4. Fragile (Rock Stars & Romance #1), A.K. Evans
  5. Getting Played, Emma Chase
  6. Hold on to My Heart (The Sullivans #22), Bella Andre
  7. Keeping You (Chikalu Falls #2), Lena Hendrix
  8. Lies and Lullabies (Hush Note #1), Sarina Bowen
  9. Love and Lies (Small Town Secrets #1), Jade C. Jamison
  10. Mustang Player, Eva Haining
  11. Oops! I Married a Rock Star, Nadia Lee
  12. Perfect Composition (Midas #3), Tracey Jerald
  13. Rock Star’s Wager, Candy J. Starr
  14. Small Town Pretender (Havenbrook #5), Brighton Walsh
  15. The Sound of Temptation, Dylan Allen
  16. Sticks and Stones (Vista Falls #5), Cheryl Douglas
  17. Take Me Home (The Heartbreak Brothers #1), Carrie Elks
  18. Tangled Web (Tangled Web #1), Jade C. Jamison
  19. Write You a Love Song (Love in Everton #1), Fabiola Francisco
  20. You Really Got Me (Rock Star Romance #1), Erika Kelly

Quite a few of these authors have written LOTS of small town romances with rock stars as the hero–so if you find one you love, see what others they have in store for you!

Is there a small town rocker romance you love that’s not on my list? Let me know below in the comments!

(P.S. If you want lots more rock romance, see the Ultimate List!)

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