Colorful Colorado Cities (and Towns) Found in My Books, Part 1

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Stephen King has said more than once, in advice to aspiring authors, “Write what you know.” I don’t recall if that is the exact phrase he’s used, but that’s one of the distilled nuggets I’ve been left with after reading … Continued

Mother’s Day

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You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about Mother’s Day now instead of in May. (I know Mother’s Day is celebrated earlier in the year in the UK and Australia, but for some reason, we celebrate it in May here in … Continued

Cookie Cutter Romance Books

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I get it. I do. I understand why it would be comforting to know that a book is going to follow an exact formula. You know this one: Boy meets girl.   Some conflict ensues but they continue to battle whatever … Continued

Sunday Steals for May 21, 2017

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Each Sunday, I’ll feature two ebooks that are steals.  Because Sundays are the perfect day to get lost in a book, let me help you!  So, without further ado… 99 CENT STEAL! Obsession S.M. Phillips   99 CENT STEAL! House … Continued