Just a suggestion, of course…but here is the recommended reading order of my books!

Bullet series

Bullet (#1)
Rock Bottom (#2)
Feverish (#3)
Fully Automatic (#4)
Christmas Stalkings (#4.5)
Slash and Burn (#5)
Locked and Loaded (#6)

The Vagabonds Trilogy

On the Run (#1)
On the Road (#2)
On the Rocks (#3)

Feverish series (spinoff of Bullet series)

Feverish (#1)
Boiling Point (#1.5)
Scorched (#2)

More coming soon!

Tangled Web series

Tangled Web (#1)
Everything But (#2)
Punctured, Bruised, and Barely Tattooed (companion novel)
Seal All Exits (#3)

More coming soon!

Wishes series

Be Careful What You Wish For (#1)

More coming soon!

Nicki Sosebee series

Got the Life (#1)
Dead (#2)
No Place to Hide (#3)
Right Now (#4)
One More Time (#5)
Lost (#6)
Innocent Bystander (#7)
Blind (#8)
Fake (#9)
Lies (#10)
Dead Bodies Everywhere (#11)
Wake Up (#12)

More coming soon!

Codie Snow series

Fool Me Once (#1)

More coming soon!

Finger Bang

Finger Bang
Heat (The Complete Series)

Pretense and Promises



Looking for Love
Steamy Kisses
First Comes Love
Then Comes Marriage

Standalone titles

Substitute Boyfriend
Fabric of Night
Crossing the Line
Laid Bare
Then Kiss Me
To Save Him
Picture Perfect
All I Want for Christmas is the Hot Guy in the Santa Suit
Dream Guy
My Boyfriend’s Dad
Old House (horror)
Indie Writer Companion (nonfiction)

You can download a PDF version here: Suggested reading order
For more information about each book, go here: Jade’s books


Rock Star Romance

  • Bullet series
  • Feverish series
  • Tangled Web series
  • Vagabonds trilogy
  • Madversary
  • Then Kiss Me
  • Be Careful What You Wish For

Romantic Suspense

  • Nicki Sosebee series
  • Codie Snow series
  • To Save Him
  • Fabric of Night

Romantic Comedy

  • Finger Bang and Heat
  • Pretense and Promises Series
  • Substitute Boyfriend
  • parts of Quickies

Updated: September 23, 2018