A few things of note before we dig in.  As of the time I’m typing this, I have what I consider to be three “universes”:  The Winchester universe, the Dalton universe (which is connected to the Winchester one), and “other” (clever name, I know).  So I’ll be dividing those up in that way here.

Also most of my books (most, not all) are standalones, so you can read them out of order–but I recommend you start a series at the beginning.  That said, I’m not your mom, so if you feel rebellious, don’t let me stop you.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya!  😉

If you’re new to me, I’m not even sure to tell you where to begin in my catalog.  Most of my faithful readers would tell you Bullet…so there you have it.


Based in the fictional town and county of Winchester, think of this place as a small town/ big city (10,000 to 20,000 residents).  In fictional Colorado, Winchester County is “located” in between El Paso County (Colorado Springs) and Teller County (Cripple Creek/Woodland Park).

The books in this universe are interconnected, sometimes in huge obvious ways (like Vagabonds #3 and the Feverish series) while other times, it might be a subtle reference (like Bullet #3 and Wishes #1).

Finally, there is a connection between the Winchester and Dalton universes that will become more clear as I begin writing more in that world (although the last few Nicki Sosebee books link them together as well).

Bullet series

Bullet OR
Bullet Part 1 (#1)
Bullet Part 2 (#2)
Rock Bottom (#3)
Feverish (#4)
Fully Automatic (#5)
Christmas Stalkings (#6)
Slash and Burn (#7)
Locked and Loaded (#8)

Feverish series (spinoff of Bullet series)

Boiling Point (#1)
Scorched (#2)

More coming soon!

The Vagabonds Trilogy 

On the Run (#1)
On the Road (#2)
On the Rocks (#3)

Tangled Web series

Tangled Web (#1)
Everything But (#2)
Barely Tattooed (#3)
Seal All Exits (#4)

More coming soon!

Nicki Sosebee series

Got the Life (#1)
Dead (#2)
No Place to Hide (#3)
Right Now (#4)
One More Time (#5)
Lost (#6)
Innocent Bystander (#7)
Blind (#8)
Fake (#9)
Lies (#10)
Dead Bodies Everywhere (#11)
Wake Up (#12)

More coming soon!

Wishes series

Be Careful What You Wish For (#1)

More coming soon!

Small Town Secrets series

Love and Lies (#1)

Love and Lust (#2)

Love and Music (#3)

Love and Deceit (#4)

More coming soon!

Savage Duet

Savage (#1)

Wilder (#2)

THE DALTON UNIVERSE (connected to the Winchester universe)

Codie Snow series

Fool Me Once (#1)

More coming soon!


Finger Bang

Finger Bang
Heat (The Complete Series)

Pretense and Promises



Looking for Love
Steamy Kisses
First Comes Love
Then Comes Marriage


My Boyfriend’s Dad

Quarantined with the Billionaire

For more information about each book, go here: Jade’s books


Rock Star Romance

  • Bullet series
  • Feverish series
  • Tangled Web series
  • Vagabonds trilogy
  • Be Careful What You Wish For

Romantic Suspense

  • Nicki Sosebee series
  • Codie Snow series

Romantic Comedy

  • Finger Bang and Heat
  • Pretense and Promises Series

Updated: July 2, 2020